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Born in Hungary, lives in MUC. First frequent flyer dog with gold status, obsessed with flying and cute small dogs. Loves his family, likes traveling and spends his SPA holidays in Lüneburg Heath.




38210192The Lüneburg Heath One of my favorite places is the large area of heath, geest and woodland in the northeastern part of the state of Lower Saxony. Here i relax from the Munic city life, visit my lovely grand parents and just spend most of the day hanging out with them and play. Besides that my sweet girlfriend Kira lives here. She is that type of dog and lovely girl, you can hunt rabbits with. What can you ask for more?
AuPVLNNCQAA2IcH.jpg-largeMunich I used to live in Düsseldorf with my best friends, but moved to Munich with them some years ago. I adore Bavaria. They have the best sausages in the world, they are called “Weisswürste”. The city is full of life and nice green parks. The only thing i did not figure out yet what people mean when saying “Servus!” or “Grüß Gott!” to me. Do you?
Foto 29.10.14 15 02 44 (1)Any Refrigerator Here’s a true hot place! I could spend hours and hours next to any refrigerator, which is filled with “Leberwurst” and “Mortadella”. Hey, I mean come on, what is better than that? Honestly spoken, I even trained myself to stand gently on only two feed for getting what i love. For me it`s meat, it just drives me crazy and i can´t hide that. Thank you kindly for any delicious hmmm in advance!