This is a list of contributors from Bremen, Germany.

Foto 13.08.06 11 44 03klaus bötig

The world is his playing and working field, Bremen is his base. Klaus has written more than 130 travel books. Most of them cover Greece, Cyprus, Malta or Northern Germany, some of them have been translated into English (Marco Polo Travel Guides). At the moment he works on a book about the remotest parts of Greece.




gabriela meyer

Studied journalism, worked as PR-Coordinator at Jacobs University, offers classes on public relations, business etiquette and modern life style, flew all around the world for Deutsche Lufthansa, cannot live without her laptop, truly loves music, philosophy, traveling and the light in Greece.





rrita limaj

Loves writing in English, speaking in German, cooking in Albanian. Studied economics and management, while nurturing an ever-growing passion for marketing and new-media. Likes meeting people from all over the world and arranging objects in aesthetically pleasing ways. Actually located in Prishtina, Kosovo.




Nadine El-Nabli

nadine el nabli

From beautiful Cairo – Citizen of the world! Studied at Jacobs University in Bremen, loves traveling, dancing and writing.