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Warren studied English Literature, went to Chefs School, currently creates chocolate sculptures, and websites for clients around the globe. His favorite quote is “just do it”. His passions are France, Berlin, things Russian, wine, responsive web design, and food porn – sometimes in that order.

tuscany_3favorites_warrenTuscany, near Siena Now sitting here in front of the small house under the stone awning. Across the walls dart lizards who wait until you take their picture and then move on into the rafters with unlucky little bugs caught in their mouths. You need a coffee, want a coffee, there is an espresso machine in the kitchen which sounds like an old tractor when you turn on the ignition. Much more silent is the iron you drove with through three countries to iron the clothes you threw into the suitcase the night before, the night of leaving. This is a much more satisfactory way of packing one which you will remember for the future. Besides the espresso machine you have found, in the bathroom, an iron. Sometimes it is a problem finding an iron in a hotel. Especially on a Sunday. Here in the northwest of Tuscany in an old stone farmhouse an iron is as accessible as towels and toilet paper. Toilet paper you also brought. In front of you are peach trees and apple trees, a long dirt lane that winds through the rolling hills, past the lake, juniper and blackberry bushes and off into the distance where a herd of goats graze. Beside you a smaller lake surrounded with bulrushes, filled with warm water and water lilies, populated with dragon flies and frogs who watch you as you swim in the morning. Just a bit further are zucchini and tomato plants, beans and sunflowers. And grapes. Lots and lots of grapes for wine and then lots and lots of olive trees for olive oil. Wine and olive oil sit on the table just inside, a gift from the landlord. Between the lake and the main gate are fields of purple and white wild flowers and trees full of obscenely large pinecones. Beneath lay hundreds of pinenuts still in their shells. 24 bucks a kilo. After shelling 5 you see why they are 24 bucks a kilo … Behind you the big house and the gate, the lane to the old church and further on over the hill Siena. Looking much smaller than you remember it or perhaps you were smaller …http://www.discovertuscany.com/
norderney_3favorites_warrenIsland Norderney, Germany The sun never stopped shining for three nights and four days on my paradise island of Norderney. Even the girls found themselves enough to do. We were able to wander along the endless stretches of white sand from the beachfront hotel to the lighthouse 15 kilometers away. And back again. My hair was full of sand and my skin became sunkissed and red and my head cleared. Heaven. Now back again on the mainland there are still bits of me which did not return yet and for which I am waiting so that I can get the hell to work this morning! good luck I don’t think … there is my soul which is still sitting in the ‘Milchbar’ on the beach drinking endless cappucinos and watching the whitecapped waves drop onto the shore while I read. Some part of me is still in ‘da Sergios’ drinking white wine and eating tortellini stuffed with walnuts and gorgonzola. My heart is still wandering along the beach accompanied by the soundtrack of wind and waves and gulls. My tongue is enjoying the simple fare of cheeseburger and perfectly salted fries at the ‘Surf Cafe’ – and yes the wind blown sand must have something to do with their perfect saltiness and texture …http://www.norderney.de/
niagara_3favorites_warrenNiagara valley, Canada/USA It has been too long, and probably never, that i took a vacation and wrote nothing. actually writing nothing for two weeks! twitter does not count. fingers must be kept lubricated other than by covering squirming children with sunscreen or with bbq sauce. so after two years and another squirming child to entertain, we retravelled niagara and i revisited some of my past lovers – jackson triggs and walter pelham – made a new lover – lailey – and felt utterly relaxed and happy to be be away but in familiar waters. jet lag means i am still awake and i hear through the stillness of the house the movement of children also awake in the middle of the night. we went for groceries this evening – after a few hours stolen sleep as the washing machine ran and the kitchen became an obstacle course of open and half empty suitcases. we walked through the german store speaking english … i gave in to a frozen pizza but not ice cream … and when we returned i held a heavy bottle of golden coloured chardonnay, covered in condensation, in my hand. I poured a glass and thought of the hot sunshine of a very few days previous, of old friends and new, of laughing and enjoying so many flavours of summer – of the tang of new wines on my tongue, of the smell of asparagus and chocolate, rich peppery steaks and grilled peppers lingering in the back of my mouth … this was all just a few days and hours ago – and I was very sad …http://visitniagaracanada.com/